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At Home Senior Care of Florida is where you come when you want the highest quality care for your family members. Owner Phyllis Timlin, a registered nurse, opened the registry in 2005 when she observed the need for professional, compassionate caregivers. After receiving her Bachelors degree, she spent over 15 years of her now, 28 year nursing career working with seniors and the geriatric population both in New England and the South Florida area, where she currently resides with her family and 90 year old mother. She furthered her education by specializing in enterostomal therapy; chronic wounds and ostomy care. Ms. Timlin recruits each high quality caregiver and then refers them to the client. Her hands on approach includes being the liaison among clients, caregiver, families and long term care insurance companies. Situations vary when it comes to senior health care. We have a Registered Nurse that is available 24/7 for staff members to contact with emergency situations as well as an office staff that is prepared to assist you during office hours.

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At Home Senior Care of Florida’s mission is to set the standard for quality in the home care industry by referring highly-personalized, compassionate and cost-effective home care that enables our clients to function independently in their community. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life while preserving all aspects of diginity. We know that trust, dedication and communication skills are essential in providing you with the best assistance. Our clients’ satisfaction and safety are our #1 priority.

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At Home Senior Care has been helping residents of Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Counties receive a variety of quality home care services. We are the area’s experts for seniors seeking appropriate in-home aide referrals and receive the kind of care they require.

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August 1, 2010 saw changes in the law, passed by the Florida legislature (Chapter Law 2010-114), which significantly modified the background screening and hiring process for many service providers regulated by a variety of state agencies including health care providers licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration under Chapter 408, Part II, Florida Statutes (F.S.). Florida Statutes now make it mandatory for health care givers to undergo a Level Two Background check. AT HOME SENIOR CARE OF BROWARD is within the class of home care agencies, nurse registries, and homemaker companion firms that must comply with this kind of screening procedure. A Level Two background check necessitates that our employees, independent contractors and subcontractors; anyone that we introduce into our client’s homes, must be fingerprinted and be scrutinized to be in compliance with Florida Statute 408. (AHCA), The Agency for Health Care Administration determines a caregiver’s individual eligibility to be associated with AT HOME SENIOR CARE. The Registry serves as the custodian of records for the caregivers affected by the Statute. The (F.D.L.E.) Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the F.B.I. completes a criminal check to certify that each caregiver is free of crimes of moral turpitude to satisfy the Statute. This protocol screens caregivers not only in Florida, but out of state issues that a caregiver may have been involved in his or her past. AT HOME SENIOR CARE utilizes a State recommended vender to double check all required screening. Additionally we go further than the Statutory requirements and check our caregiver’s driver’s license validity , as well as credit checking to determine character quality. When someone is appointed to enter your home, you have a profound need to know that this individual has an excellent track record.

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Peace of mind is really what this is all about. The choice comes down to who do you trust to refer the safest, most experienced, and above all, the most well-trained and thoroughly screened professional caregivers! If the decision is made to invite someone into your home they should have an understanding of you and your family, protective of you and your needs. It will come down to an intuitive sense of selecting the registry that connects with you on a special level. The one that listens best and understands your needs. You may first want to interview the caregiver that will be coming into your home. We encourage that step. Be assured that before someone is referred, that individual has been screened and considered by us for various qualities.

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I just wanted to thank you for the great service your company provided for my Dad. Woodrow is the most kind, dedicated and caring caregiver I have ever met. He is truly a Godsend- My Dad and he had a very special relationship.
Roberta GFort Lauderdale, FL
Maxine has been our home health aide everyday for 2 months and has been helping my husband with showers,getting dressed and appointments. Everything is working out great. She is reliable, professional and energetic!”
Mrs. GreenbergTamarac, FL
Dad can be disagreeable and our family did not think he would be receptive to help. At Home Senior Care found someone who befriended my father.
Kevin L.
While I was in the hospital, your aide Elaine was right at my bedside, very caring and attentive. I’m happy she was available to care for me at home, also. She helps me with meals, chores and Doctors appointments. Thank you so much!
Pearl S.Boca Raton, FL