At Home Senior Care can help qualified Veterans who need or are seeking VA home care benefits, as opposed to assisted living or nursing home situations in Florida. There are benefits available through the Veterans health care system many veterans do not know about incuding the Extended Care Services program. This program is available for veterans who are enrolled in the health care system. Usually, the veteran lives at home and needs additional care. The Extended Care Services Program is accessed by using VA Form 1010EZ.

The extended care services program can provide VA home care benefits including assistance with in home companion care, provide respite care to give the regular caregiver some time off, pay for the cost of adult day care programs, and more. Please contact us if you wish additional information about these importnt VA home care benefits at 954-907-2123.

The Extended Care Services program and the available services vary from state to state. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) does not actually provide the in home care service; but instead, contracts with local vendors. The benefit to the veteran is he or she can use these services at a reduced rate or for free, depending on which priority level the veteran has been assigned by the VA. The maximum co-payment on any of the services is generally much less than what the veteran would normally have to pay privately for the same service from the same or a comparable in home nursing care company. The true benefit is being able to stay at home and receive the necessary services at a greatly discounted rate or for free.

This is the most current link to VA Home Care benefits pertaining to Home Health Care eligibility. Within this link are the most recent schedules and application information.

Helpful Veteran Benefits Information

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